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a composer, arranger, pianist and performer,
specialising in music for films.
In her work,  the composer applies a wide range of genres and modern styles along with her own musical design.
The music she creates adds colour, breadth and inspiration to a cinematic narrative. It emphasises feelings and emotions, captures the attention of the audience and enhances their overall experience.
Winner of TC Radio Contest for Rock and World Genres with her song - "Today Is A Gift" (song of the month October 2014), instrumental compositions - "The Voice Of A New Day" (August 2015) and "High Expectations" (June 2015).
National Winner and Contestant of the Global Final of "Global Rock Star 2015", for Luxembourg.
The Akademia Award  for the Best Ambient / Instrumental Song  - 'The Voice Of A New Day' 
The Akademia Award for the Best Ambient / Instrumental Song for April 2019 - "Heartbeat", by Yulia Valentin & Max Humphrey 
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